About company

The modern design of the garden

Wood is a beautiful material, which due to its timeless looks great both inside the house and in the garden. As a manufacturer of wood products we make every effort to maximize the new potential of this interesting material. Our team of professionals has always been fascinated by the possibilities of wood, as well as its originality and nobility. By creating hazel colored pencils, or decorations for the garden , skillfully we combine tradition with nowoczesnością.Do production we use high quality wood, from the clean and ecological Masurian forests.

Souvenirs made of wood

Due to the fact that wood is a very "grateful" material, easily undergoing treatment, all products are made according to their own projects or individual needs of customers. Our company is a famous domestic manufacturer of components such as, among others, decorations for the garden and pens and wooden pencils. Export of wood products is also the subject of our business. Majestically and elegantly-looking wooden windmills, practical feeders to the garden and the finely crafted lanterns have enjoyed success not only in Poland but also abroad. Many of our products for the garden can be found in the countries of the European Union. Own domestic and international transport allows us to deliver on time with orders from distant parts of Polish and Europe. 
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Wooden decorations for the garden

Green corner for many people is a place almost mysterious. He spends in it a lot of time, especially in warm weather. Rest, joint meetings with friends, the area in which they can play with the youngest members of the family - the suitability of the garden are many.

Knowing how important a device the garden according to their own tastes and visions, we offer unique wooden souvenirs and decorations for the garden. In our assortment you will find among other things, a wooden lantern, bird feeder, basket, fan, and hazel colored pencils which is a great gadget for each child. Welcome to the online store where you can see the full range.

You are interested in wooden decorations for the garden? And perhaps more intrigued by you, our crayons or wooden nest boxes? Customers interested in our offer, we invite you to visit the permanent exhibition, located on the premises of our company. We also encourage you to contact e-mail or telephone. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions and clarify doubts bothering you.